We believe in diversity & inclusivity and stand with others to address the problem of racial injustice in our industry and our larger community.

Timing matters.

Book marketing campaigns should be developed months in advance of publication so that they are in process when a title lands in stores. Why? Because once a book is published, the window for maximizing sales in stores is short. Too, opportunities online need equal planning and care to be properly implemented to maximum effect.

To best promote your book, you’ll need energy, direction, enthusiasm, and expertise, and sometimes that means expanding your effort to include professional book marketers and publicists.

Please consider us.

Every book requires a burst of initial publicity and then a marathon effort to keep it alive in the marketplace. That means your publicist needs to care as much about your book as you do. We don’t take on books that we don’t care about, and we offer personal, tailored campaigns designed to promote your title as well as you as an author.